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We're clearly committed to your vision health

Welcome to Spruce Grove Vision Care

A clear leader in family eye care

At Spruce Grove Vision Care we’re passionate about providing you and your family the best eye care. Serving Spruce Grove and surrounding areas since 1993, we’ve become a trusted provider of eye health and vision care for families across the region.

Our exams are thorough and we support our clients through correction and treatment if a problem is found. We do whatever we can to ensure your best eye health.

Our experienced team will offer you the small‐town feel that you’ll love, with care, attention and family values that you won’t find at other places. But we also have the exceptional medical care and technology to help you protect your family’s eyesight for a lifetime.

We want to work with our clients for a lifetime, so we offer warm, professional service to keep your family coming back. Over time, we can get to know a patient’s eyesight very well; this helps us offer preventative health advice and lets us catch any potential conditions or changes before they become a problem. This is the ideal scenario for lifelong healthy eye care, so we hope you’ll be with us from childhood right up to your golden years.

Meet Our Care Team

Our team includes a variety of talented professionals and support staff, all dedicated to providing exceptional care, service and advice. Get to know our diverse team of optometrists, licensed opticians, contact lens fitters, optician students and receptionists: we’re all here to help!

Dr. Raminder Gill – Optometrist


Karen – Licensed Optician/Office Manager

Karen Pelesey

Cassey – Licensed Optician/Contact Lens Fitter


Angela – Receptionist
Angela Davies

Why Choose Spruce Grove Vision Care?

A Word from Dr. Gill

“My belief is we will go to the utmost level to treat a patient right, whether it’s emergency eye health, a routine eye exam, or working out a referral system with another doctor, we take every step necessary to make sure our patients are serviced properly. We don’t want to turn anyone away and we’re willing to do anything we can to help them. That’s the basics of our ethics.”

At Spruce Grove Vision Care, we’ve got your best interests at heart. We offer thorough eye exams that lead to targeted prescriptions. We get to know you and your family members over time so we can anticipate where your vision needs might be headed. There’s something to say about lasting relationships, and that’s what makes us the clear leader in vision care. We want to help you protect your vision for a lifetime – from infancy right to your golden years!

Aside from our helpful environment and emphasis on patient education, Spruce Grove Vision Care also prides itself on using the latest state-of-the-art technology. For example, our Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) machine helps us diagnose corneal diseases and common eye conditions such as macular degeneration, glaucoma and diabetes. These are the three leading causes of blindness, so we use this machine with every eye exam.

This advanced tool replaces the more limited retinal imagery machines of years past to give us a comprehensive look into the eye so we can get a complete picture of your eye health. Also, thanks to the sophisticated 3D imagery this technology provides, we can create the best contact lens fit for our patients with special eye needs.

"I was having a lot of trouble with my eyes, and the staff went through a lot with me. They changed all my lenses, and they never charged me for those changes."